ER26500 with connector

Li-Socl2 lithium Battery 8500mAh C size 3.6V ER26500 with connector

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Product Description

Model ER26500 with connector
Alternative Models  Tadiran TL2200, TL4920, Saft LS-26500, LS-26500C,  LSH14,Xeno XL-140F, XL-145F
Size C
Type Energy Type/Bobbin Type
Chemistry Lithium thionyl chloride(LiSOCl2)
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Open circuit voltage 3.66V
Capacity 8500mAh
Weight 53g
Diameter 26.2mm
Height 50.0mm
Max Continuous Current 130mA
Max Pulse Current 400mA
Operating temperature  -55°C~+85°C
Self Discharge ~1% / year
Shelf Life 10 years
Warranty One year
OEM with solder tabs, pins, wires, connectors, battery packs
Packing traying packing or in small boxes
Certificate CE, ROHS, UL, UN38.3, MSDS

er26500 with connector


  1. Higher energy density and lower weight.
  2. High and stable load voltage
  3. Superior drain capacity.
  4. Low self-dischage rate (less than 1% after 1 year of storage at 20 °C)
  5. Stainless steel container.
  6. Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing.
  7. Non-flammable electrolyte.
  8. Laser weilding.


Main Applicaions

  1. Smart Merting: gas meter, water meter, electricity meter, heat meter
  2. Security systems: wireless alarm, sensors, fire alarm, etc.
  3. Military applications: rescue equipment, GPS, radiocommunication, emergency location transmitters, etc.
  4. Back up power
  5. Others: medical, gas & oil, TPMS, RFID, PCB, etc


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