ER26500 with HPC1520/HLC1520/SPC1520 Supercapacitor

ER26500 with HPC1520/HLC1520/SPC1520 Supercapacitor

ER26500 with HPC1520/HLC1520/SPC1520 Hybrid Pulse Capacitor for IOT/Smart Meters

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Product Description

Model ER26500 with HPC1520/HLC1520/SPC1520
Size C
Internal Resistance ≤200mΩ
Type Energy Type/Bobbin Type
Chemistry Lithium thionyl chloride(LiSOCl2)
Capaticy At 3.67V 140As
Maximum Charge Voltage 3.95V
Nominal Capacity 8500mAh
Cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Maximum Charge Voltage 3.95V
Maximum Charge Current 25mA
Max Continuous Discharge Current 0.5A
Max Pulse Discharge Current 2A
Operating temperature  -40°C~+85°C
Self Discharge ~1% / year
Shelf Life 10 years
Warranty One year
Terminals wires and connectors are avaiable
Packing traying packing or in small boxes
Certificate CE, ROHS, UL, UN38.3, MSDS



  1. Hermetically Sealed(Glass-to-metal)
  2. Low Leak Current
  3. Long Shelf Life
  4. High Reliability
  5. Wide Operating Temperature Range: • -40°C to +85°C
  6. High Pulse Capability: Up to 5A pulse
    The capacitor is parallel connected with a battery or several batteries to
    eliminate voltage delay and to increase the pulse current capability
  7. Low leak current 1~15μA


Main Applicaions

IOT(eMTC/NB-IOT/Lora/BLE/433Mhz/Sub-1G) products, smart metering, etc.

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